Thanks to the Luxury Leads Membership, we have the privilege of coming into contact almost daily with unique car collections. Both in Belgium and across our borders you will find - often hidden and extremely discreet - collections that appeal to the imagination of every car lover. Very often, these collectors do not want their cars to appear in the media. Thanks to our platform, where discretion is guaranteed, we can also let you admire some of the gems of cars every time in this issue.

It's almost noon when we take the driveway somewhere south of Brussels to meet the man who, one year ago, had to start finishing an impressive list for his client. "He called me and asked me if it was possible to tap on his wish list of collection cars in the shortest possible time. He was very clear and knew perfectly what he wanted to buy.

Cars with personality

"The first car we bought was the Ferrari 'Dino' (1972) we had seen in London. The pound was then low and we immediately took it. The sports cars from that period are about the most beautiful there are, they still have a real personality. With the modern cars you see too much unity. In the past, one glance was enough to know which brand a car was from."

No museum

"All cars are insured and registered, it is not the intention of the owner to make a museum of them, even though there has been a lot of attention for the presentation with dark walls and excellent lighting, so that the colors come into their own. In the future it is the intention to organize events, possibly vernissages. Interested investors will also be able to contact us and submit their own list of cars they are looking for. We are also working on the construction of a fully equipped workshop."


"We bought most of the cars in Europe. The Austin-Healey 100M 'Le Mans' from 1956 is his favourite car to drive, purely aesthetically he is completely away from the Alfa Romeo 1900 C Touring from 1953 by the hand of Touring Superleggera."

To do

"The list is not yet complete and in the meantime there is even a second list. (laughs) We are still looking for a Lamborghini Miura and also the Mercedes 300 SL is still marked with a dot to join the collection. If we are interested we always do a test drive. After a few kilometers I know enough. Sometimes it happens that on that basis we decide not to buy, even though my client is crazy about that car. The most important things I pay attention to when buying are the matching numbers (nvdr, chassis and bodywork that are original), road handling, history, or at least the maintenance booklet with a complete history. A documentation folder with photos of the restoration is always a plus and of course I inspect the bodywork and everything under it. We always put the car on a bridge. I have about 30 years of experience in the automotive world and 12 years more specifically in oldtimers, so you won't be surprised anymore."

Matching colours

"We are not specifically looking for models with low productions. The investments are purely emotional and not speculative. The best proof of this is that my client mainly looks at the beautiful colour combinations or at unique colours. I am thinking here of the Porsche 911 from 1965 in silver, which is very rare. The Austin-Healey 100 Le Mans with black on red is also a great example in that respect."

Porsche 356 Pre-A Speedster 1954

One of the first 200 rare examples of the Speedster that dates from 1954. Only 1234 of the 4145 Speedsters Porsche built bear the 'pre-A' label.
This car with chassis number 80110 has an original authenticity certificate issued by Porsche.

Alfa Romeo 1900 C Touring 1953

Only 280 of these Italian clean models were produced, with the series 1 being the rarest. In 1954 this model 2000 Deutsche Marken was sold more expensive than the Mercedes 300 SL, which says a lot about the exclusivity content.

Austin Healey 3000 MKIII phase 2 1966

One of the most sought after Austin-Healey's on the market, as it was the very last one. The restoration took about 28 months as it had to be completely dismantled and was completed in 2016. There is a file available with about 800 photos.

Porsche 356 A 1600 Super Coupé 1958

This car that was once used as a press car by Porsche still has its original engine and gearbox. In addition, there are also numerous rare accessories to be found on this 'sunroof coupé' such as the headrests, windbreaks and the horn.

Jaguar XK 140 OTS 1955

Without a doubt one of the best Jaguar XK classics to drive! Here and there there there are a number of small and historically correct sportive modifications such as the 'quick-fill race cap' for faster refuelling. In the front and rear the disc brakes provide extra driving comfort and this handsome Brit also has a five-speed gearbox.

Photography by: Gaultier Vilour Photography