Everyone is unique. Every situation is different. So why settle for a standard product?

Hillewaere Premium Insurances resolutely opts for customisation. We offer formulas and solutions that are perfectly tailored to your personal situation. Time and again, we look for the most optimal coverage of your valuables. If necessary, we can even create the insurance product you need ourselves. For this, Hillewaere can call on the expertise of specialised domestic and foreign insurance companies.


Market leader in insuring exclusive cars and vintage cars. 
You own a Bentley or a legendary Aston Martin? We offer you the most complete insurance formula and maximum protection. If desired with worldwide coverage, even of transport. We also have unique policies for rally cars.


Exclusive pleasure deserves exclusive protection.
Are you experiencing the best moments on board a pleasure boat, yacht or super yacht? Hillewaere Premium Insurances is a safe haven for your pleasure.

Because not only your vessel is insured. We also think about the people on board. And the contents. Even a possible illness of the skipper is taken care of professionally. Whatever happens, your peace of mind is assured at every level.

Of course, we also have special tailor-made formulas for helicopters and private jets.


Total protection, invent it, we ensure it.
Your home is so much more than four walls with a roof on it. This also applies to our policies. Because they really insure everything: your home (private or second home), the complete contents, even your art collections or other valuable collections. And whether it concerns your private home or your second home, whether or not abroad, we always offer the most appropriate protection and have all the expertise in house to insure everything correctly. But just good is not good enough. Did you know that we even include the contents of your suitcase that you take with you on your trip in the policy of your home insurance? We really take a very broad view of things. And we go further and further to be able to protect your personal belongings.