Over the past 30 years, Matty Zadnikar has earned his spurs as a serial entrepreneur in the oil and gas industry responding to the industrial service needs. Prior to managing his own companies, Zadnikar worked as a mining engineer. End 2013 Zadnikar successfully sold his service companies in Europe but didn’t feel ready to put his feet up and relax.

 As a child Zadnikar used to spend hours in marinas of the Mediterranean, daydreaming of the yachts he saw cruising by. Having chartered and owned several boats & yachts over the past 35 years, Zadnikar is an ‘a-typical’ yacht owner.

Why settle for less when you're qualified for so much more? Zadnikar obtained his professional captain’s license (Master 500 GT). Nautical navigation systems don’t hold any secrets when searching for the most exclusive destinations.

Unlike many yacht brokers, SeaNet Co-Founder and CEO Matty Zadnikar also has personal experience in building and owning luxury yachts. In 2014, after a sabbatical year and having had a life-long passion for boats, the opportunity to create a company that furthered his love for yachts was one not to be missed. 

SeaNet’s unique yacht co-ownership enables up to four co-owners to enjoy the benefits of having a yacht complete with guaranteed usage during the peak European yachting season, ensuring that every co-owner can make the most of their time on-board. SeaNet’s global partnership with the Azimut-Benetti Group ensures owners to receive the very best value for money.

Being a true ambassador and pioneer for yacht co-ownership, Zadnikar is opening up the world of yacht ownership, SeaNet is complimenting the current offering not detracting from it.


The unique SeaNet co-ownership model for yachts is based on three pillars: a 75% reduction in the initial purchase price of the yacht and its operating costs, guaranteed use during the European hunting season and fully problem-free ownership by SeaNet management.

SeaNet's co-ownership model offers direct savings to owners of up to 75% of the initial price of a yacht and the annual operating costs, including maintenance, insurance, crew and homeport fees.

The SeaNet model allows up to four co-owners to enjoy the benefits of a yacht complete with guaranteed use during the European hunting season, allowing each co-owner to make the most of their time on board.

Owners are completely relieved of the hassle of managing crews, charters and berths and each yacht is fully personalized before an owner steps on board with selected items such as art, photos and your chosen linen and crockery, so that your yacht perfectly matches your personal taste.



Unlike many yacht brokers, SeaNet has co-founder and CEO Matty Zadnikar's personal experience in building and owning luxury yachts. Today he owns a Benetti yacht in Croatia and enjoys making the most of his time on the water.

Matty will share his industry expertise as owner and CEO of a yacht company with other SeaNet owners looking for a yacht so that SeaNet members have a yacht that meets the very best technical and financial specifications. SeaNet's global partnership with the Azimut-Benetti group ensures that owners get the best value for money. Where else can you find an experienced owner who can build your yacht together with you?

SeaNet not only guides you in the choice, design and construction of your yacht, but also offers you an extensive yacht service with management, charter and concierge.

A yacht is the ultimate gift to reward yourself with; the perfect place to spend time with family and friends. Your yacht is a private retreat and should reflect your taste buds. The journey to a yacht and choosing the interior is something most owners enjoy, but the technical details, functionalities and specifications that are crucial for a good sailing experience are often the most annoying and complex parts of the process. SeaNet is here to guide you through every step of the journey.


The attention to detail when choosing and building a yacht makes the difference between having a yacht that requires constant maintenance and extra investment, and a yacht that, upon delivery, meets your expectations and marks the beginning of your unforgettable yacht owner experience.

CEO and yacht owner Matty Zadnikar guides buyers on which yacht best suits their needs and helps negotiate the complex terms and contracts of a yacht owner; ensuring that buying a yacht is a transparent and enjoyable experience.

Finding the right super yacht can be an overwhelming experience when faced with the wide range of yachts available. SeaNet works with owners to determine exactly what specifications are needed to create the perfect yacht. From the length and number of berths to the design of the exterior, the interior and the number of crew members, SeaNet is ready to guide you through every step.

Negotiating terms and contracts when purchasing a yacht can be both complicated and challenging. SeaNet works with the best legal and construction teams, technical experts and of course the necessary investigations and trial runs to ensure that every boat delivered to a SeaNet owner is pure perfection.


SeaNet's CEO is not only passionate about the yacht industry, Matty Zadnikar also owns a yacht and with his expertise Matty will guide the owners through the six comprehensive steps of building and managing a yacht to ensure a completely seamless experience.

Meeting your requirements
SeaNet's global partnership with the Azimut-Benetti group ensures that owners receive the best guidance in building yachts for 27-40 meters of ships.

SeaNet's partnerships and expertise ensure that SeaNet owners get the best value for money and full representation during the negotiation process.

Draft of the contract
SeaNet's legal support combined with Matty's experience means that future owners can benefit from the advantages of an expert in the field of finance and technical specifications of yachts.

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