CARDOK Carlift is a "High End" car lift that provides contemporary access to your underground garage (Man Cave) and replaces a slope where, when closed, little can be detected above ground.

Car enthusiasts who want to park their prestige cars and/or vintage cars safely underground choose CARDOK. The headquarters of CARDOK is located near Geneva in Switzerland and installs all over the world such as London, Paris, Marbella, Saint-Tropez, etc, but also in the Benelux several car enthusiasts have already opted for a CARDOK car lift.


Car lift at home

Since the CARDOK Carlift works by means of a heavy scissor lift, you do not need a slope, which immediately saves you a lot of space. The cars are safely and dry parked in the underground garage (Man Cave) and can make you as big or as small as you want. If you want to park one car or house your entire prestige or oldtimer collection, it's all possible. The basement (Man Cave) can be provided under your villa, garden, meadow or driveway. The roof of the car lift can be finished with grass, dolomite or cobblestones and is therefore fully integrated into the landscape. The complete CARDOK is manufactured with the highest requirements and standard galvanized.

Underground garage

Parking your vehicle underground using the CARDOK Carlift is very safe. You simply use the remote control based on the "push and hold" principle. Design LED lighting ensures a luxurious appearance when the lift is in the highest position. The vehicle fleet is invisible and safe underground.

Car lift maintenance

The installation is done by the CARDOK team and takes about five days. An annual preventive maintenance ensures countless years of trouble-free enjoyment of your CARDOK car lift. A CARDOK can be provided for both a new building and an existing project. If necessary, you can convert the freed up garage/space at your home into an additional bedroom, fitness room or a home cinema.

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